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Andre's Family Foundation: Where Opportunity Takes Root

At Andre's Helping Hands, a dedicated nonprofit organization operating with the social service sector, our mission is to forge enduring solutions for families, individuals, and organizations in our communities and beyond, engaging with life's challenges. Particularly committed to enhancing mental health, which profoundly influences personal and social development, we actively engage with the board members , mental health advocates, and those in the shelters and homeless communities. Through the organization of impactful events, extensive volunteering efforts, and strategic partnerships with fellow nonprofits, we strive to provide unwavering support and catalyze positive change.  

Hands Up

              OUR VISION

In our vision for the future, Andre's Helping Hands envisions a world where every individual can overcome life's obstacles, particularly in the realm of mental health, to achieve their full potential. We aspire to cultivate a global community where people are empowered by opportunities and inspired by encouragement, fostering a society where individuals can surmount challenges and accomplish anything they set their minds to. Through collaborative efforts and a commitment to inclusivity we seek to create a world where the transformative power of support and encouragement is universally accessible. 


Andre's Helping Hands Foundation is rooted in several generations of family, where no voice is louder than the next and different opinions are valued. By applying this legacy to our work, we are redefining the way philanthropy collaborates with grantees and communities to take on some of the world's biggest problems. 

We do this by bringing diverse perspectives to the same table: caregivers and conservationists, educators, and entrepreneurs. By listening to and learning from their experiences, we can reach a shared understanding and create innovative solutions that achieve true impact.

Hands Up


Establishing a foundation will create a legacy beyond our lifetime in memory of Andre Lamont Young and allow generations to come to be aware of who is he and was. Our goals are to keep his spirit alive through our hands to someone elses.

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