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MA Project Management Inc. was established in 2017 by Michael A. Young a native of Buffalo, New York, with the aim of delivering project consultant and management services. While, building on this foundation of expertise, commitment and dedication to the community, the year 2018 marked the launch of Turn It Up Productions designed to offer educational and empowerment services to both young individuals and adults alike.

It was in that same year that MA Project Management Inc. extended its services to noble organizations such as The Salvation Army Leadership program, the Buffalo Mayor Summer Youth Leadership program and Buffalo Future Academy a public school in Buffalo, NY. These partnerships allowed us to make a more meaningful impact in various facets of our community, from mentoring young leaders to supporting educational initiatives.


In 2023 the vision of Andre's Helping Hands Foundation was born from a place of deep concern for the well-being of the lives of people who are in of support. It is with our  unwavering commitment and dedication to philanthropy and community enhancement that a positive difference will take place in the lives of those we serve. 


Our mission is to create a networking community of organizations willing to come together and service our communities by providing educational and empowering information. Our consultant services and experienced Project Management team will provide tools and strategies to help build people, strong leaders, and creating a world of wealth through business principles and the 5 life principles Health and Fitness, Personal Development, Social Development, Leadership Development, and Team Building. 

A core belief in our company is that the satisfaction of our clients is the strength of our company. We strive to exceed our clients expectations and deliver product and services to the highest possible standard. 

Modern Work Space



Our services will provide entrepreneurs and business owners with key information to lead them to a success business experience. 


Our services will provide entrepreneurs and business owners with tools, key information, and hands on support to have successful businesses and events. 

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